Are you interested in having your product(s) in our flagship store in downtown Pittsburgh?

Now that you’ve attended a Craft Business Accelerator (CBA) orientation, you’ve got a sense of all the ways we’re working to support Pittsburgh’s craft businesses, makers, and artist entrepreneurs. PG&H is the region’s maker brand – focused on telling the stories of our maker community and its businesses to consumers here and around the country – and also a concept store in downtown Pittsburgh. The store receives hundreds of visitors each weekday, and was featured in theĀ Washington PostĀ as a “top thing to do in Pittsburgh.”

Retail Experimentation and Learning
While there are several shops in Pittsburgh that sell maker-made products, our store is focused on enabling maker businesses to gather useful consumer feedback. Our staff interacts with consumers to not only help sell product, but to gather their feedback and reactions to product design, price, and other factors. That feedback – along with data from customer surveys – is sent to makers 3-4 times/year. From there, makers can request to sit down the PG&H store staff and/or CBA team to walk through and dig into consumer feedback.

In addition to supporting the inclusion of finalized products, the store has a small section for “prototypes.” Maker businesses who want to receive consumer feedback on prototypes – un-finished products that are not for sale – can place items in this section, upon request.

To be considered for the store, please fill out this short form.
The PG&H store and CBA teams meet quarterly to consider new product for the store. If you have questions about this process, please email Katie Johnson and/or Samantha Stickle.



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    Tell us about the product(s) you'd like us to consider for inclusion in the store. We meet quarterly to review applications.
  • It's okay if you need help with this - indicate that, but still include what you image the price points should be.
  • Max. file size: 256 MB.
    If you're uploading images of multiple products, please label the pictures with the product name (ex: BrownCup_1.jpg).
  • We understand that this can change depending on the size of the order.
  • Tell us about your "consumer profiles."
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