KerfCase Phone Case
KerfCase Handcrafted Wood Phone Case
KerfCase Handcrafted Wood Phone Cases
KerfCase Handcrafted Wood Phone Case
KerfCase Handcrafted Wood Phone Case

Wood iPhone Case

Carefully crafted from a single piece of wood, the grain and color variations make every phone case from KerfCase unique. The latest case design features clickable wood buttons, soft ultra-suede inner lining, and full coverage around the edge of the phone for maximum protection. Hand-sanded to be silky smooth and rubbed with a two-part finish – this case is artisan made.

All KerfCase phone cases are designed, machined, and finished by a skilled production team in Pittsburgh. The wood KerfCase uses for its products is sourced locally and sustainably, and whenever possible reclaimed from damaged local trees.

Size varies depending on model of phone. Prices vary.

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KerfCase, founded in 2013 by Benjamin Saks, is rooted in a passion for craft and exacting attention to fine details. A designer passionate about precision, fine craftsmanship, and natural materials, Ben became unsatisfied with existing wood iPhone cases. While working at Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Architecture, he spent an evening in the wood shop and created the first KerfCase. Over the course of six months, the original KerfCase design was extensively revised, tested, and revised again. The product became the foundation of a strong business now offering wallets, pencil cases, wireless charging pads, and more.