Jarrod Futscher Whiskey Decanter
Jarrod Futscher Whiskey Decanter and Tumbler
Jarrod Futscher Whiskey Tumbler

Whiskey Decanters & Tumblers

TAKTTIME Whiskey Decanters and Tumblers are made for elegantly storing and serving spirits. Whiskey-hued accents are fused throughout the bottles and glasses.

The decanter features an amber marble stopper resting on a clear body, while the handled decanter features the whiskey-hue with threading wrapped around the bottle. The tumbler designs are clear with amber wrapped lips.

These decanters and tumblers are available for purchase in sets or individually and in custom colors. The tall decanter measures approximately 10″T x 3.625”Diameter. One tumbler measures is approximately 3”T x 3”Diameter.


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Designed and created by Jarrod Futscher, TAKTTIME offers functional, handblown glassware and décor. Jarrod launched his production line in 2017, after nearly a decade of studying and making contemporary studio glass. TAKTTIME’s glassware is refined and contemporary, merging traditional blown glass elements with modern form and feel. Jarrod’s attention to detail and artistry shines with this collection.