BLAK RUST HOME Wallcovering
BLAK RUST HOME Wallcovering
BLAK RUST HOME Wallcovering
BLAK RUST HOME Wallcovering
BLAK RUST Shibori Scarf


BLAK RUST HOME wallcoverings offer diverse patterns derived from hand-painted silk designs. Distinctly modern yet elegantly edgy, each pattern blends contemporary art with traditional Japanese shibori silk painting techniques. The result is a collection of modern, timeless papers made for interior décor.

Every BLAK RUST design is the result of Shannon’s hand-dyed process. Meticulously folding, twisting, and bunching cloth, Shannon carefully adds dye to create her thoughtful patterns. Reminiscent of natural textures, like stone and foliage, Shannon’s artwork is influenced by the world around us.

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Product Description

BLACK RUST HOME is a venture between Shannon and interior designer Majorie Carlson to showcase Shannon’s original artwork applied to print-to-order textiles, fabrics, and wallcoverings for the home décor industry.

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Designed by Shannon Pultz, BLAK RUST is a high-end line of hand-painted silk stoles and scarves, as well as wallcoverings and upholstery fabrics. This Pittsburgh design studio combines contemporary aesthetics with traditional Japanese shibori silk painting techniques to create modern, timeless fabrics. A trained fine artist, Shannon’s exhibited work around the world include the Biennale di Venezia and The New Museum in New York City. Shannon continues to grow her selection of wearables for her online store and her home collection for interior designers and retailers.