strawberryluna Odd Bird Out Wallcovering Textile Pattern
strawberryluna Forget Me Not Wallcovering Textile Pattern
strawberryluna Odd Bird Out Wallcovering Textile Pattern

Wallcovering & Textile Patterns

strawberryluna wall coverings and textiles patterns draw on the studio’s signature vibrant, modern style. The Forget Me Not and Odd Bird Out motifs play upon the mantra that simple is best. These bold and colorful designs are made to adorn silk screened wall coverings and textiles.

Available by special order, strawberryluna applies its styles and motifs to a line of wall coverings, textiles, and home goods. Currently sized at 18”x24”, these patterns can be printed on wallpaper or textiles using silkscreen or dye-based inks.

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strawberryluna is a design and printmaking studio offering a vibrant, modern collection of screen-printed art and illustration. strawberryluna showcases studio owners Allison Glancey and Craig Seder passion for making and expertise in visual design and printmaking. At its heart, strawberryluna is about creating good, clean, happy artwork and products for the home. Allison and Craig create each item by hand, incorporating bold, graphic shapes and illustrative details.