Totem Planters

Large, minimal raw stoneware planter with a detachable drainage basin

Each piece is approximately 5″ tall and 5″ wide. Available in Brown Stoneware or White Speckle.

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Stone + Sparrow

Stone + Sparrow is a small-batch ceramics business that forges handmade and wheel-thrown goods with a focus on minimalism and functionality. Originally established in California, Stone + Sparrow now operates out of Pittsburgh, where owner Kate Marchand makes ceramics that combine traditional wheel-thrown and handmade methods with modern and Scandinavian design esthetics. Each piece goes through an iterative design process where it is stripped down to its essential elements. The final designs are crafted and detailed into pieces intended to ware well over time. Kate’s designs often include architectural features off-set by simple glazes and the natural warmth of a raw clay finish.