The Circle Collection

THE CIRCLE COLLECTION clothing line celebrates women’s physical metamorphosis. The fit is generous, comfortable and modern.

This collection is a collaboration between OTTO FINN and EECM in Pittsburgh, PA. Pieces from this collection are designed by OTTO FINN and sewn by women enrolled in EECM’s work training program. Each piece is named after a heroine and made with upcycled or organic and sustainable fibers.

Pieces in this collection included jackets, dresses, and tops. Materials and styles vary.

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Established by Rona Chang, OTTO FINN provide comfortable and modern clothes for women, fashionably functional children’s accessories, and thoughtfully designed home products for the design-conscious consumer. Rooted in designs that are characterized by simplicity, minimalism, and functionality, OTTO FINN offers handcrafted pieces of enduring character. OTTO FINN utilizes quality and sustainable materials including organic cotton, recycled cotton, flax linen, and water-based inks. All OTTO FINN designs are sewn in house, by Lauren of Why Sews, or by the workforce at East End Cooperative Ministries, and screen printed in Pittsburgh, PA.