Summer Rain Earring Collection

These handmade and hand painted ceramic earrings reflect watercolor drops of summer rain. Janet’s ability to capture organic moments are reflected in each piece of her art.


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Janet Watkins Ceramics

Janet Watkins’ love for clay evolved organically through the encouragement of friends and family into a budding artistic career. Offering a rotating assortment of jewelry, sculpture, and home goods, Janet’s handcrafted ceramic products are beautiful and accessible. Her recent products include sculptural planters, hand-built vases, and carved pendants. Using clay and salvaged materials, Janet’s ceramic goods are formed and built by hand. As Janet continues to explore personal narratives and contemporary culture in her work, she seeks to expand her creative business and serve as a role model for women in the arts.

Janet is a member of the founding cohort of ORIGINS, a PG&H sister program and platform that celebrates and supports Black makers in Pittsburgh; learn more at