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Building Bytes offers custom designed, fabricated, and installed interior and interior wall screens made from 3D printed ceramic bricks. These modern and elegant architectural products make compelling decorative and functional structures.

Designer and fabricator, Brian Peters has been recognized by 2014 Architect Magazine’s R+D Awards and the 2015 Fast Company Innovation by Design Awards for his research and accomplishments with this cutting-edge design.

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Coded Clay + Building Bytes

With work designed and fabricated by Brian Peters, Coded Clay and Building Bytes offer 3D printed ceramic home goods and architectural products. Coded Clay is a collection of modern housewares and furniture, while Building Bytes is an assortment of custom-made tiles and bricks for wall screens. 3D printing technology drives both product lines. Despite the digital process, the earthen material provides variations from piece to piece. Each product is dried, kiln fired, glazed, and re-fired by hand. Brian’s forms, patterns, and finishes are created with a deep expertise in this dynamic ceramic-making process.