Stak Ceramics Sprout Planter Phone Dock

Foster Phone Dock and Planter

Stak Ceramics Foster Phone Dock and Planter offers two stylish and functional designs for the home of office. The Foster Planter Phone Dock brings life to the home or workspace with a touch of color and greenery. Designed to house a standard 4″ plastic potted insert, the planter features an integrated riser that eliminates the need for a saucer by providing extra space for drainage.  The elegant and durable maple wood base is compatible for use with most iPhones and a wide variety of other smartphone models. Thoughtfully designed, the base has built in channels that hold a phone’s power cord in place while the phone is charging.

The Foster Planter alone offers the same planter design without the phone dock integration.

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Product Description

The Foster Planter and Phone Dock are made from a white earthenware clay body and is finished with a satin matte glaze. Glaze options include Flax Yellow, Atlantic Blue, Muslin White, Mineral Grey, Gulf Blue, and Cayenne Red.

Stak Ceramics uses are variety of ceramic processes to create its products. Often using wheel throwing, mold making, and slip casting, all of Stak’s products are designed and handcrafted in Pittsburgh, PA. With the care and consideration taken to prototype and test new designs, Stak Ceramics offers high quality, handcrafted goods with a contemporary aesthetic – made to be used and enjoyed every day.

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Stak Ceramics

Stak Ceramics creates thoughtfully designed and skillfully crafted ceramic home goods, including smartphone and tablet docks. Founded in 2011, Stak Ceramics is a creative collaboration between Myles Geyman and Heather Connolly. They possess expert knowledge of ceramic design and fabrication. Myles brings a strong understanding of form and product development, and Heather offers expertise in the ceramic process, design, and composition. Together they create products designed to add organization, convenience and style to the well lived life.