Urban Tree One-of-a-Kinds
Urban Tree One-of-a-Kinds


Traditionally, to celebrate the unique character of reclaimed wood, all of Urban Tree’s furniture and designed objects have been custom. These one-of-a-kind pieces have a special place within the studio’s production and design process.

Prompted by a strikingly distinctive tree specimen or inspiration from a client, Urban Tree values collaboration in the production of singular pieces. This is where Urban Tree explores new territories.

All one-of-a-kind furniture is designed on speculation or upon special order.

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Urban Tree

Established in 2011, Urban Tree creates distinctive custom furniture and designed objects using wood from Pittsburgh’s urban forests. Through fine craftsmanship and artistry, Urban Tree’s designs celebrate the unique character of urban growth wood. The studio’s devoted team of former and practicing architects, artists, designers, carpenters, and project managers deliver precise, functional, and remarkable products. Through collaboration with its clients, Urban Tree’s furniture, including dining tables, desks, accent pieces, and custom installations, brings the unrivaled character of reclaimed trees to residential and commercial spaces.