Monongahela Overlook Pillow

Make a statement with this skyline pillow featuring the best view of Pittsburgh. Each piece is an exact replica of hand drawn imagines of Kirsten’s work which embodies an intimacy with architecture, large structures, memory and pride.

Each piece is hand sown by “Sew Forward” which is start up/community program securing job placement for their graduated, some being refugees, through the East End Ministry Co-op.


About this Maker

KLoRebel Art

KLoRebel Art is a business about drawing first and design of functional goods second. Founder and artist Kirsten Lowe-Rebel reimagines architectural drawings on pieces that can be used, worn, and shared. She believes in the magic of illustrating iconic landmarks and buildings and then bring new purpose to her images applied to functional goods. Not only do her line drawings stand as works of art on their own, but they also become elevated gifts to be shared with others. Her working product line includes paper products, hard goods, and textiles.