Lavender Eye Pillow

Eye pillows offer sensory relaxation to ease stress and tension, while allowing you to rest, recharge, sleep, and deepen your meditation. A wonderful compliment to a restorative yoga practice, 100% cotton pillows are filled with organic flax-seeds and lavender essential oil and offer a rich earthy aroma.

Eye pillows are available in a variety of colors enhanced with organic lavender flowers. Colors fabric patterns vary from solid chakra colors to a variety of prints.


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Wellness Withn

During a difficult time in her life, Germaine Gooden-Patterson began to make and use wellness products, as part of her healing process. She creates candles, eye pillows, abdomen pillows, aromatherapy mists, and other wellness products.

Germaine is a member of the founding cohort of ORIGINS, a PG&H sister program and platform that celebrates and supports Black makers in Pittsburgh; learn more at