Frost Finery Ginkos Wall Hanging
Frost Finery Octopus Hook
Frost Finery Mermaid Hook

Home Décor

Using a mix of metal laser cutting, 3D design, and traditional metalsmithing techniques, Frost Finery offers a collection of modern home décor, including a range of wall adornments and hardware.

Reflecting the aesthetic of Frost Finery’s jewelry collection, this studio’s collection of home accents includes whimsical wall hooks and hangings.

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Frost Finery

Founded in 2014 by Melissa Frost, Frost Finery creates modern jewelry using traditional and new jewelry-making techniques. She crafts her collection using a combination of hi-tech and handmade methods. From geometric to whimsical, each design starts off as a sketch before being prototyped by hand or digital modeling ensure sizing and fitting. Melissa works with local manufacturing to laser cut components for her jewelry designs. These elements are then hand finished to form earrings, necklaces, and bracelets featuring simple geometries, patterns, stones and more.