Gold at Midnight Earrings

Edo Scribes & Pleasantries

Gold at Midnight Earring collection are inspired by how the natural world reflects the light of a full moon at midnight.

Material: Hand-painted wood disks, mother-of-pearly chips and horn beads.


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About this Maker

Edo Scribes & Pleasantries

Celeta Hickman founded Edo Scribes & Pleasantries to share her handmade gifts of distinction, elegance, and joy with the world. She uses a mx of reclaimed materials to make chic and artistic pieces. What began as a craft table venture has now grown to include wonderfully crafted accessories, handmade stationery, greeting cards, and business and home decor are sure to compliment you and your unique tastes and expressions. Edo’s fine art and home decor enliven living and working spaces.

Celeta is a member of the founding cohort of ORIGINS, a PG&H sister program and platform that celebrates and supports Black makers in Pittsburgh; learn more at