Fine Art Reproductions on Metal

Mia Tarducci offers reproductions of her original fine art paintings on metal. She transforms original paintings for this stunning material application. The printed results are large-scale and replicable for distinctive interior design projects, including residential and public spaces.

The images shown are an example of a painting reproduction for an atrium at The Foundry at 41ST in Pittsburgh, PA. For this custom project, Mia reproduced and digitally printed a room-sized painting on white aluminum. The total dimensions of this lobby centerpiece are 5’H x 60’L.

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Mia Tarducci

Mia Tarducci is a professional artist. Her broad strokes of paint, pens, and stains express her intrinsic creative process.She exhibits her bold, large-scale fine art paintings in dozens of exhibitions at galleries and notable museums throughout the United States. Today, she creates new personally-driven artwork alongside custom commissions for private clients, as well as select reproductions on metal and furniture designs. For works guided by clients, Mia balances client input with inspiration from her past compositions.