Drinking Teas

These organic herbal teas are perfect for what ails you!

Head-ease Tea Blend: Reach for this blend when you need to ease tension, or relieve a headache. Can even aid in helping you rest. Made with an organic blend of basil, lemon balm, chamomile, and lavender.

Cool Out Tea Blend: Filled with antimicrobial herbs that stimulate circulation, this blend is perfect to help move a fever out of the body. Contains organic catnip, elder flower, yarrow, and peppermint.

Lymph Sweeper Tea Blend: Like a broom sweeping through the house- reach for this blend when it is time to balance the system and gently cleanse the lymph. Made with an organic blend of calendula, nettle leaf, and red clover.



About this Maker

Triple Moon Alchemy

Triple Moon Alchemy Herb Shop was born in 2020 from the home apothecary of Loukeisa Denise Edwards, herbalist, healer, and community-crowned medicine woman. Triple Moon Alchemy now offers ‘all organic, all the time’ teas, tinctures, balms, butters, soaps, herbal bath soaks and more that target specific areas of health and healing. Each item is carefully prepared by hand to exacting proportions, using locally-sourced herbs, roots, flowers, and other ingredients including many samples harvested from Denise’s own garden.