Jonathan Chamberlain Custom Printed Artwork & Editions

Custom Artwork & Editions

Jonathan Chamberlain creates printed artwork by commission and from his existing catalog. All artwork is handmade using printing, transfer, and painting techniques. Artwork may be commissioned individually, created as a series, or in multiples (edition pieces), and scaled to any size to suit commercial or private needs.

Available by commission and special order. Examples of existing artworks are available upon request.

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Jonathan Chamberlain

A skilled painter and visual artist, Jonathan Chamberlain’s reputation grows for inventive murals, sharp interior painting, and design work. With a background in art and diverse experience in painting and printing techniques, his style is bold, with elements of Pop Art and mid-century advertisements. Jonathan is experienced working with designers and developers shaping Pittsburgh’s newest public spaces and interiors, including the co-working spaces at Alloy 26.