Cups & Pitchers

Brian Ferrell Designs offers a range of innovative, artful cups and pitchers for everyday use and display. Whether carved from wood, cast in metal, or formed from clay, each object combines functionality with Brian’s artful vision.

Brian regularly makes objects in sets, including pitchers, cups, and vases. After developing a new design, Brian will often make molds to cast them in different materials. He is able to reimagine and reinvent the original, handcrafted designs in new ways. Prices and materials vary from piece to piece.

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Brian Ferrell Designs

Brian Ferrell channels his deep experience in multiple craft forms to create a wide range of home goods and furniture, including tableware, seating, and tables. Working skillfully in wood, metal, and clay, he offers a fresh take on the mid-century modern design aesthetic, combining conventional objects with an artful vision. An experimenter at heart, he draws inspiration from architecture, particularly bridge design. He plays with user expectations by incorporating atypical and highly detailed components. Brian is also a professor at Seton Hill University in Greensburg, PA, where he creates his work and shares his knowledge with students.