Bubbly2Burn Candles

Bubbly2Burn champagne-inspired candles are hand-poured in authentic glass champagne bottles. These 11 oz. candles will burn up to 60 hours. Available in two signature scents and seasonally-themed releases, Bubbly2Burn candles are poured using all-natural, soy wax. These candles infuse any space and occasion with a soft, aromatic, and inviting glow.

Bubbly2Burn candles are available in two signature scents: Brut and Rosé. Also available in seasonally-themed releases, including holiday editions.

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Brewed2Burn® offers bespoke, hand-poured, and beer-inspired candles. Established by Michelle Dangelo Arnoni, Brewed2Burn reimagines everyday beverage bottles and brews by creating candles that evoke the scents found in aromatic craft beer. Michelle grew up in the beer distribution industry and works alongside her father in their family business. In 2017, she combined her love of the beer industry and passion for candle-making with Brewed to Burn. Today, Brewed2Burn offers a wide range of luxury candles including champagne-inspired candles, Bubbly2Burn.