Body Butta and Pillow Spray Bundle

These body buttas are all natural and a great way to keep your skin smooth year round!

The Lay it Down and Inhale sprays are an excellent way to add a calming scent to your pillow or body while you are relaxing at home and the It’s Lit! scent is rejuvenating for a night out.

Together, the butta and spray make the perfect self-care bundle!

Bundle comes with an 8oz spray and an 8oz butta of the same scent.



About this Maker

Naptural Beauty Supply

Inspired by nappy, natural hair, Naptural Beauty Supply emerged from a busy, single mom’s tender, loving care. LaShesia Holliday had always been unhappy with the quality and contents of commercial hair and beauty products. Products are made from carefully selected and sourced ingredients, some specially formulated for men and children. Naptural Beauty Supply is for the family that likes to take a few minutes of self-care out of each day for pampering and wellness.