Magnet Ceramics Apron Platter

Apron Platters

Jowdy Studio’s Apron Platter is suggestive of time-worn cutting boards and bakery aprons. These bespoke pieces have a gentle curve that makes for superb charcuterie trays, cheese boards, or table centerpieces.  Made of stoneware and porcelain, the modular design of each varies from piece to piece, though platters can be supplied in matching or similar sets.

Sold individually, one platter measures approximately 10″W x 14″L.

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Jowdy Studio

Jowdy Studio produces contemporary decorative ceramics and tableware. Driven by the creative process, founder Andrew Jowdy “AJ” Collins leans on his knowledge of sculpture to explore artful and functional design. Using porcelain and an original palette of matte glazes, Jowdy Studio’s signature forms are often highlighted by with crisp lines and bold colors. The result is a modern and elegant collection, including bowls, vases, planters, and mugs, each visually engaging and unique.