Mama Sallie’s Old Fashioned Soap, Palm-Free, Tallow Soap

These luxury soaps are made of all natural ingredients including kukui nut oil used to combat harsh tropical conditionals on skin and hair, palm-free and formulated with beef, tallow, natural oils and sea salt.



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Island Fresh Skincare

Marilyn Dice is a third-generation soap maker with roots in the Deep South. Her grandmother made soap out of necessity and she continues this tradition today with Island Fresh Skincare, developing products that are non-toxic and gentle on the skin. Island Fresh developed from her travels to tropical locations and her years living in Florida, where her skin thrived from the salty sea air. Her products are made with fewer than 10 ingredients and all products include organic components.

Marilyn is a member of the founding cohort of ORIGINS, a PG&H sister program and platform that celebrates and supports Black makers in Pittsburgh; learn more at