Learning Objectives

  • Determine target retail consumer/audiences and develop corresponding personas to guide retail/marketing decisions
  • Exposure to current and anticipated trends in retail
  • Learn visual merchandising strategies tailored to specific products and storefronts
  • How to integrate customer feedback into the product design process
  • An understanding of the first steps to navigate the purchase or rental of a storefront or production space
  • Experience interacting with customers interested in local maker products to learn about typical questions and needs
  • Practice sales tactics and techniques
  • An understanding of the ins and outs of running a retail operation
  • Refine price points, packaging, and business planning for the retail environment

Retail Residency Key Elements

Information and Benefits

  • A 4-month long residency with PG&H
  • Access to consultants specializing in retail
  • Behind the scenes access to operational elements of the PG&H
  • One-on-one coaching sessions
  • Opportunity to experiment with visual merchandising strategies in a store setting
  • Opportunity to sell products at PG&H
  • Group learning sessions with industry experts
  • Hear from other makers and creative business who made the transition to a storefront


  • Must be located in the Greater Pittsburgh Area
  • No retail experience is required, but must meet one-on-one with CBA representative to discuss retail goals and experience
  • Attend retail residency sessions and events for the entirety of the residency period
  • Attend a CBA Orientation
  • Complete CBL Survey with the CBA

How to Apply

  • Applications will open for the next Retail Residency cohort in the winter of 2021


Erel Fiber Arts

Erin Relac

Erin is a self-taught fiber artist specializing in macramé producing everything from plant hangers to decorative wall hangings. The products are vintage 1970s inspired with a modern twist giving a unique aesthetic to each piece. During the Retail Residency, Erin is working to better understand retail pricing strategy and marketing.

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Naptural Beauty Supply

Lashesia Holiday

Naptural Beauty Supply offers a range of all-natural beauty products ranging from body butters to facial treatments. The brand is centered around educating individuals about the care and styling of Black hair. Lashesia is focusing on refining policies, processes, and procedures related to wholesale and consignment in order to expand the footprint of her business during the Retail Residency.

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Rebel Bred Clothing

Nathan Brooks

Rebel Bred clothing is a lifestyle brand offering hats, t-shirts, and more rooted highlighting historical African American figures. Leveraging the brand as an avenue to educate, uplift, and inspire, each piece embraces a sense of spirituality, culture, and history. Nathan is spending the Retail Residency focusing on building the managerial and operational skills to open a physical retail space.

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Triple Moon Alchemy

L. Denise Edwards

Inspired by several woman healers in her family, L. Denise Edwards creates a variety of organic herbal healing products ranging from teas to body care. Using locally sourced herbs, roots, and other ingredients, each item is hand prepared to serve health and healing needs. L. Densie is utilizing the Retail Residency to learn more about the in-store customer experience and buying trends.

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