Fallingwater endures as one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s most iconic and inspirational architectural accomplishments and serves as a dynamic experiential and educational destination for all. Fallingwater’s Museum Store offers a wide range of products relating to Fallingwater’s architectural preeminence, architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s legacy, and other design and environmental themes. The Western Pennsylvania Conservancy, the steward of this internationally significant educational resource, views Fallingwater as a tool for regional economic development and aspires to incorporate more regional artisan-made and small-batch manufactured products into the Museum Store’s offering. To realize this goal, Fallingwater and the Creative Business Accelerator have partnered to create the Fallingwater + PG&H Maker Project (FPMP), a design program for regional makers that brings together access to this historic site, education, and an exciting market opportunity.

The Fallingwater + PG&H Maker Project (FPMP) brings regional creatives together for incredible access to Fallingwater and its Museum Store (both physically as well as the Museum Store’s e-commerce site). This impactful opportunity brought 9 makers to Fallingwater for unprecedented access to one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s most iconic and inspirational architectural accomplishments. Taking inspiration from this experience, FPMP design participants then developed prototypes for Fallingwater’s Museum Store and pitched these products to Fallingwater’s Museum store for purchase. Selected products will be available for purchase exclusively through the Fallingwater Museum Store. 

See below for profiles on all FPMP participants and to shop each business’s available products.

Fallingwater + PG&H Maker Project Exhibition

The Fallingwater + PG&H Maker Project Exhibition showcases the design innovation and creative process of the FPMP participants, and their products will be available for purchase at the exhibition. 

The FPMP Exhibition is opening Friday, November 19th, 2021, from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM at the Concept Art Gallery‘s Annex Space located at 1031 S. Braddock Avenue in Regent Square. Join us to support regional makers and purchase products inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater. 

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Shop Exclusive FPMP Products

Four makers were selected to provide exclusive products to the Fallingwater Museum Store. The products were developed through the Fallingwater + PG&H Maker Project and are inspired by the architecture, history, land, and artworks found at Fallingwater and reflect participants’ time on site. Shop their limited Fallingwater-inspired products below.

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Each artist, designer, and craftsperson selected to participate in the Fallingwater + PG&H Maker Project has their own creative business with a wide selection of products to offer. Learn more about each maker and their business and shop their products through PG&H or their e-commerce sites.

*Participants whose products were selected for exclusive availability at the Fallingwater Museum Store.

Alexis Caldero Design

Alexis Rosa Caldero

Informed by experience with wood, education, and art direction, Alexis’s approach to woodworking strives to evoke beauty, unearth story, and build connection. With an emphasis on locally sourced wood, products evolve from drawn sketches to hand crafted items like bowls, cabinets, and furniture.

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Blakbird Jewelry

Selima Dawson

Founded in 2010, Blakbird Jewerly focuses on earrings inspired by nature and West African culture. Using new and recycled metals such as bronze and aluminum, Selima hand cuts, sands, and shapes each piece. The products each tell a story and reflect natural textures.

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Clark Morelia

Jocelyn Avila & Rob Hackett

Clark Morelia, founded by Jocelyn Avila and Rob Hackett, makes high quality handmade leather goods including everything from wallets to dog collars. Using second run leather, each product has unique character. FPMP resulted in a diverse collection reflecting the cantilevers, terraces, and rock around Fallingwater featuring wallets, plant holders, and vessels.

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Mary Mack Wear*

Mary Tremonte

Mary produces a range of products with queer-centered design including hankies, posters, stitched badges, and more. Each piece is intended for everyday use and fosters interdependence, respect, and love. FPMP enabled Mary to connect her print-focused artistic practice to the unique setting and aesthetic of Fallingwater.

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Rachel Saul Rearick Art*

Rachel Saul Rearick

Rachel creates abstract designs by incorporating printmaking, drawing, and painting to craft unique monoprints layered with shapes, color, and texture. Each layer works to evoke emotion exploring the use of repeating shapes and forms. Inspired by an appreciation for architecture and the natural landscape, FPMP provided the perfect opportunity to develop a collection of monoprints exploring the many layers and patterns of Fallingwater.

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Stone + Sparrow*

Kate Marchand

Stone + Sparrow is a small-batch ceramics business that forges handmade and wheel-thrown goods ranging from mugs to earrings. The designs focus on minimalism and functionality combining traditional wheel-thrown and handmade methods with modern and Scandinavian design aesthetics. FPMP allowed Kate to translate the minimalist and functional themes of Fallingwater into new products.

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Temper and Grit

Nicholas Volpe

Temper and Grit offers modern design and fabrication services including products ranging from furniture to signage and doors. Serving homes and commercial clients, Nicholas combines woodworking, metalworking, and blacksmithing to create unique pieces.

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Gingerly Press

Lindsay Schmittle

Using a classic handset letterpress process of printing, hand-mixed sustainable inks, and recycled paper, Lindsay produces a range of products including art prints, journals, greeting cards, and more. Each piece is made using antique metal and wood type, drawing on the power of social change, the natural world, and mindfulness.

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Jen Allen Ceramics*

Jen Allen

Focused on keeping handmade an essential element of the contemporary home, Jen produces ceramic collections which include pitchers, plates, mugs and more. Using nature-inspired textures and patterns, each piece is intended to bring beauty, joy, and unique character to the home. Through FPMP, Jen produced new products with inspiration from the eclectic patterns and textures of Fallingwater.

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