PG&H highlights the growth and vitality of the Pittsburgh’s maker ecosystem. A directory of many of the Pittsburgh region’s best makers, PG&H tells their stories, showcases their products, and promotes their growth. With over 100 maker profiles, PG&H demonstrates how artists, designers, and craftspeople contribute to Pittsburgh’s bright future. The brand is driven by three core values including elevating good design and craftsmanship, fostering an inclusive community, and recognizing Pittsburgh’s legacy of making and manufacturing. PG&H aims to tell maker’s stories to audiences both locally and nationally.

Built on pride, innovation, and unwavering commitment to the community, the maker story embodies the birth of new industries in Pittsburgh. Watch the video below to learn more about Pittsburgh maker community and PG&H.



PG&H Store in Downtown Pittsburgh Closes

Friday, December 23, 2022

In 2018, Bridgeway Capital’s Creative Business Accelerator (CBA) and the Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership (PDP) began a dynamic collaboration. Our goal was to help foster high-quality retail activity downtown while creating sales opportunities for regional makers. Out of this goal, PG&H was born. A place and a platform that would help Pittsburgh connect (and support) the maker economy while promoting local makers nationally.

After five years, two locations, and over $200,000 in sales to regional makers, the PDP will close the flagship PG&H Store in 2023. The news is bittersweet. While we are saddened to see such a beautiful retail space leave, the growth of enterprises like love, Pittsburgh and The Store at Contemporary Craft. For the foreseeable future, the CBA will continue to operate the PG&H website as an attractive directory for over 150 regional makers sharing their wares and stories worldwide.